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Multiply And Diversify Your Income With ViraTraffic

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Just about every marketer and business owner on the planet.

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ViraTraffic Is YOUR Ticket To MULTIPLE, Recurring Income Streams!

EASY Recurring Income

Agency Rights let you use ViraTraffic to provide traffic services to clients - set your OWN price!

Windfall Profits

INCLUDED Resell License lets you sell unlimited copies of the software - and keep 100% of the revenues

Hands-Free Arbitrage Profits

Outsource your client campaigns for a FRACTION of your fee, & pocket the difference!

Top marketers agree the BEST thing you can do to risk-proof your business is to create multiple income streams.

So … we’re thrilled to open up a limited number of ViraTraffic AGENCY + RESELL licenses so YOU can:

Bank by providing traffic services to clients …
Make upfront LUMP SUM income selling the software to others ...
Even outsource everything for hands-free profits

Claim Your Exclusive ViraTraffic AGENCY + RESELLER License Now! Secure one-time payment. 30 day unconditional money back guarantee

An Unlimited Market With Money To Spend Is WAITING For You

In today’s economy, almost EVERY business needs online traffic.

Not just digital marketers and eStore owners …
But even your local garage, hairdresser, health professional, favorite restaurant …
the list goes ON and ON.

Many of these people are ALREADY paying for ads, specialists & social media managers …
not knowing there’s a huge source of free traffic available to them.

As a ViraTraffic AGENCY / RESELL License holder …
YOU can provide traffic and PROFIT in TWO ways from this massive market.

Save businesses time & money by delivering traffic on demand for a monthly fee …
OR ...
Just SELL the software for a one-off ‘win-win’ - THEY get results, YOU get paid!

Your RECURRING Income Stream: A Service That Sells Itself

Because so many businesses & independent marketers need more traffic, the ‘pitch’ is simple:

ASK your prospect if they’d like to cut their traffic costs in half while getting higher conversions … practically an impossible question to say no to

SHOW proof of results - even use the stats on our sales page when you’re starting, until you have proof from your own campaigns

QUOTE your rates - either per campaign or per month. TIP - offer a ‘starter pack’ of 3 campaigns so they can see the results - making it easy to close them on a monthly contract!

Passive Profits In MINUTES Per Day

You’ve seen how FAST it is to run campaigns with ViraTraffic. 2 minute setup time for results in as little as 15 minutes.

Even if it took you 10 minutes to setup a campaign for a new client - and you charged just $50 per campaign - you could potentially make $100 per day in 20 minutes.

What you charge is up to you. How much or how little you work - up to you.

Because the market is unlimited, it’s possible to turn Agency rights ALONE into a full time income with very little effort.

Just 2 or 3 clients on monthly retainers could generate you 4 figures per month.

Windfall Profits Made EASY

By far, the wealthiest digital marketers sell their own softwares.

Now YOU can join them with a premium, IN-DEMAND traffic software you can sell to anyone you like … keep 100% of the profits … WITHOUT:

The massive upfront costs of development and testing
Customer support & service - we handle ALL of that for you
Hiring EXPENSIVE copywriters - you can use our EXISTING sales materials to promote the software
Paying for hosting - because we’ll EVEN host the traffic campaigns YOUR buyers run, on our industry-grade servers

It’s Time YOU Make Unfair Profits

Cash flow is king, and resell rights make YOU royalty.

There are unlimited audiences for this all-in-one traffic software.


  • ViraTraffic has a proven track record of results for over 2 years … BUT
  • It’s only EVER been offered to the JVZoo market - to an audience representing less than 2% of the POTENTIAL people that need this solution … MEANING:

You can promote this to your own followers - your email subscribers, social media fans, YouTube & blog audiences - knowing most will have never even HEARD of this solution …

You can include it as a funnel product inside your own launches

You can EVEN promote it to local businesses that need all the online traffic they can get!

So even if you’re BRAND NEW - the market for online traffic is UNLIMITED - and YOU get to sell the SOLUTION! [and keep 100% of the revenues]

You get the software to sell - and keep all the profits
You get to use our proven sales materials to promote
WE handle all support for your buyers
WE cover the costs of hosting for all your customers

SIMPLE Outsourcing For Lazy Arbitrage Profits

Your Agency license lets you add client accounts to your version of the software, so you can manage their campaigns.

From there it’s easy to have outsourcers run the campaigns for you … pay a small fee, and profit the difference.

Because TrafficBuiler 3.0 is so easy to use, you could have an outsourcer ready to manage your client campaigns in minutes.

Digital arbitrage profits don’t get any easier!

Who Is The Agency License For?

Existing Freelancers: If you’re already a freelancer, this is a no-brainer. Practically EVERY client you have wants more traffic. Add this as a service for a completely new income stream.

Future Freelance Rockstars: if you’re looking to join the growing percentage of people that work for themselves, this is one of the best ways to do it:

No barrier to entry - you won’t need to buy extra softwares, invest in training or learn new skills
Unlimited market with unlimited demand
You ALREADY own the software that gets the job done

Anyone Looking For Extra Income Streams: nothing says security like multiple cash flows, and this multi-license bundle lets you bank both recurring AND upfront profits in a way never before possible

The Ultimate Win-Win

There are a lot of consultants offering over-priced services to anyone that’ll buy.

And sadly, a lot of vendors offering outdated or untested softwares that don’t perform as advertised.

Now YOU can stand out with a legitimate traffic service …
A PROVEN traffic software that gets results ...

So tomorrow you could visit a local restaurant, hair salon, gym, garage … or any number of local businesses …

Introduce yourself as an online traffic expert …
Show proof of results using your PHONE ...
And have your 1st client or software BUYER within the next 24 hours!

Just as easily,you could use social media to contact online marketers that need traffic
… for a business solution you can run from your laptop, anywhere in the world.

Simply by delivering quality traffic or selling a one-time solution for way less than people are already paying.
They win. YOU win.

Claim Your Exclusive ViraTraffic AGENCY + RESELLER License Now! Secure one-time payment. 30 day unconditional money back guarantee

Try out the ViraTraffic Agency + Resell License for a full 30 days to see how easy it is to add extra income streams to your business.

In the highly unlikely event you don’t see the profit potential of this license, let us know and we’ll send you a complete refund.

One small request: PLEASE don’t take out this MULTI license if you’re not serious about using it. We’ve got a STRICT number of licenses available for people dedicated to their success.

WP Local Lander

A perfect theme which creates pro-looking local websites proven to get results. Use this with ViraTraffic Agency and build out as many traffic-getting local sites as you want.

Local LeadGen Plugin

A unique theme which builds specialized lead gen sites perfect to use with ViraTraffic Agency.

Content Replace Plugin

A fantastic plugin which you can use on any site which automatically and dynamically replaces content on your sites based on location. A great bonus for ViraTraffic Agency.

FB Ad Genius

A complete step-by-step guide showing how to get tons of traffic from Facebook. Combine this with ViraTraffic Agency to explode results for yourself and future clients.

FB Iframe Pro

A very advanced tool which you can use for yourself or clients to get more traffic and sales. Perfect to use with ViraTraffic Agency.

Traffic Overdrive

Another fantastic guide showing you how to get tons of traffic to any site you want including clients. Traffic Overdrive + ViraTraffic Agency = fantastic results.

WP Viral Contest

A brilliant and automated tool which will help you get floods of traffic to any site you want. Perfect to use with ViraTraffic Agency.

Your Own Digital Consulting Business

We’re thrilled to offer you the chance to earn diverse income streams, providing an IN-DEMAND service to clients.

Save people money … earn more for yourself … how great is that?

Your agency license is a PERFECT fit for outsourcing, so you can hand off the day-to-day tasks while still clearing a hefty profit.

But you’ve got to act now - the limited # of licenses WILL sell out fast - and when they’re gone, they’re gone. Reserve yours now by hitting the button below.

ViraTraffic - Agency

Thanks again for picking up ViraTraffic. We’re thrilled to have you on board and are here to support you every step of the way.

Gee Sanghera

Ben Carroll